Since 2009, I have taught marketing and analytics courses to undergraduate business students, MBAs, executive education clients, and soon as part of Master's of Science in Business Analytics. I enjoy making quantitative concepts accessible to non-technical audiences, just as much as I enjoy providing guidance on softer skills to technical audiences.

For copies of syllabi, or to collaborate for a class project with my students, please e-mail me. To inquire about custom executive education programs on digital marketing or on consumer finance, contact Georgetown University's Office of Executive Custom Programs.

Consumer Analytics Certificate

I am also the Director of the MBA Certificate for Consumer Analytics & Insights at Georgetown. The certificate provides a curated list of electives for MBA students who either wish to get their "feet wet" with consumer analytics, or those who wish to hone their skills. I operate the Customer Analytics & Insight Seminar Series, offering MBA students an opportunity to learn about careers in consumer-relevant fields through moderated interviews.

Teaching experience

  • Georgetown University: Undergraduate. 2011-2016, 2020-present.
  • Georgetown University: MBA. 2017-present
  • Georgetown University: Executive Education. 2016-present.
  • Dartmouth College: Master's in Engineering Management. 2018.
  • Penn State University: Undergraduate. 2009-2011.

Current and Upcoming Courses

MBA: Marketing Research

Georgetown University, 3 weekends (1.5 credits)

Course offered Fall 2021. The course is about strategy regarding the gathering, analyzing and interpreting data about consumers. Students who take this class will learn about different marketing decision problems and how research. Students will learn (1) how to identify and define a research problem, (2) acquire and process relevant data, (3) generate insights to inform their marketing decisions.

Undergraduate: Marketing Intelligence

Georgetown University, 16 weeks (3 credits)

Course offered since Spring 2021. The course is about gathering, analyzing and interpreting data about markets and customers. Students who take this class will learn about different marketing decision problems and how research activities can provide intelligence for managerial decision-making. Specifically, students will learn (1) how to identify and define a research problem, (2) acquire and process relevant data, (3) provide insights to managers to inform marketing decisions. For Spring 2021, students worked on a real-life marketing research project for Paceline, a startup that financially rewards consumers for meeting physical fitness goals.

MBA Digital Advertising

Georgetown University, 2 weeks Intensive Learning Experience (3 credits)

Course offered twice a year since 2017. The course provides students with an introduction to performance-based digital marketing. After introducing being introduced to the fundamental aspects and tools of online advertising platforms (e.g., ad exchanges, metrics), students learn about choosing digital tools (e.g., organic search, sponsored search, display advertising, onsite) that align with company objectives. The hands-on course provides exposure to A/B test, power analysis, multi-channel attribution, and focuses on incrementality.

MS in Business Analytics: Research Design

Georgetown University, 1 weeks Intensive Learning Experience (1.5 credits)

Course to be offered in summer 2021. This course will discuss how business analysts can use of experimental methods to quantify the causal effect of marketing decisions. In recent years, technological change, particularly the proliferation of online A/B testing, has fundamentally altered the methods and benefits of marketing experimentation. Students will learn about quasi-experimental designs, and analyses such as difference-in-difference and instrumental variables.

Past Courses

Undergraduate: Digital Marketing Practicum

Georgetown University, 5 weeks (1 credit)

Experimental course offered via Zoom during the summer of 2020, which offered a small group of undergraduates a chance to learn about upper-funnel performance-based digital marketing via a company project. Time was spent half on lectures, and half on a app-install campaign to increase Flourish Savings' users that link bank accounts. Students created visuals, ad-copy, and contrasted their results against the company's existing campaign strategies as part of a presentation to the CEO.

MBA: Analytical Problem Solving

Georgetown University, 16 weeks (3 credits)

Co-taught with operations & information faculty, this course was part of the core curriculum for the full-time MBA and evening-MBA programs at Georgetown. My portion of the course covered research design, and the basics of prediction modeling and statistical inference. All in MS Excel.

Master's in Engineering Management: Marketing

Dartmouth College, 10 weeks

Course offered jointly by the Thayer School of Engineering and the Tuck School of Business. I taught a condensed version of marketing, covering traditional frameworks such as segmentation, targeting and positioning to students wishing to pivot from engineering to managerial and consulting positions.

Undergraduate: Principles of Marketing

Georgetown University, 16 weeks (3 credits)

Course offered to Georgetown undergraduates from 2011-2016. This course provides you with an introduction to the study of marketing. The course was designed to introduce business students to the fundamental aspects of marketing: how organizations discover and translate target audiences' needs and wants into strategies for providing compelling value propositions that maximize the relevant organizational objectives.