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Here's a sortable list of media mentions. "Research" is articles that incorporate direct insights from joint-research (i.e., mentioning Simon or a co-author discussing our research), "Mentions" is articles that mention Simon directly, and "Op-ed" refers to articles that I (co)-wrote.

CNBC. Many cash-strapped Americans feel the sting as the cost of living spikes, by Jessica Dickler.
Grow (Acorns - CNBC) . ‘Be extra careful’ using services like Afterpay and Affirm to shop this holiday season, experts say: Here’s why, by Aditi Shrikant.
Morning Consult. Inc.'s Prime Day kicks off on Monday. What to note this year, by Alyssa Meyers.
The List. How To Avoid Overspending On Amazon Prime Day, by Brianna Thomas.
Grow (Acorns - CNBC) . Watch out for 2 mental traps that can make you overspend on Amazon Prime Day, says consumer psychologist, by Aditi Shrikant.
Adweek. Online Investment Tools See a Boost Amid Economic Uncertainty, by Ryan Barwick.
South Florida Business Journal. New study warns changes in franchise contracts could have negative effects on a brand, by Matthew Arrojas.
Reviewed. How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt: Concentrate on One Account at a Time for Extra Motivation, by Emilia Benton.
Forbes. Fintechs Circle As Visa Readies Interchange Rate Increases, by Donna Fuscaldo.
Marketing Dive. Despite Super Bowl LIV's marketing deja vu, several ads break out, by Peter Adams.
The Hill. Attention Walmart Shoppers: Superstore's approach to groceries a game-changer, by Simon Blanchard (not my title!).
Opploans. Climb Your Way Out of Debt: 4 Strategies to Try, by Ashley Altus.
CNBC. How to form Better Monday Habits with these Three Simple Steps, by Alicia Adamczyk.
Morning Consult. Free From Memory of the Great Recession, Gen Z Charts Own Economic Path, by Claire Williams.
Your Money Geek. Why Dave Ramsey is Wrong About the Debt Snowball (And What to Do Instead!), by Caleb Jones.
CNBC. Millenial who paid off 68600 in about 3 years used this strategy to do it, by Kathleen Elkins.
Forbes. How to kick debt to the curb: advice from the experts, by Liran Amrany.
Forbes. Debt: How To Help Your Clients Escape It — And Use It, by Michele Lerner.
Stacy Blackman. Professor Profiles: Georgetown McDonough’s Simon Blanchard, by Stacy Blackman.
NBC News. With More Rate Hikes Coming, Here's the Best Way to Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt, by Herb Weisbaum.
Business Insider. Harvard researchers say the snowball method is the best way to pay off debt, by Emmie Martin.
CBS News. Behavioral science has some tips for paying down holiday debt, by Aimee Picchi.
Business Insider. US credit card debt has topped $1 trillion — here's the most effective way you can pay it off, by Tanza Loudenback.
Winnipeg Free Press. Strategies to Pay Off Debt, by Joel Schlesinger.
International Business Times. United Airlines Stock Price Fall: How Much Did The Passenger-Dragging PR Disaster Cost The Company?, by Lydia O'Neal.
Bloomberg. Samsung's Sleek S8 Has Curved Screen, Facial Recognition, by Sam Kim.
Mothley Fool. Research Says You Should Pay Off Debt Like This, by Chris Neiger.
Business News Network. Want to pay off your debt faster? Here's how, by Pattie Lovett-Ride.
Equities. Read This Before You Open a Credit Card for Your Business |, by Andrew Deen.
CNBC. Americans owe 1 trillion in credit card debt—here are 2 proven strategies for paying it off, by Emmie Martin.
Lifehacker. More Research Shows That The Snowball Method Is The Best Debt Payoff Strategy, by Kristin Wong.
Fortune. Tax Refund: How To Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt With Your Next Refund, by Simon Blanchard.
ABC8. Tax Season and Consumer Debt, by Simon Blanchard.
USA9. #OffScriptOn9: Are we seeing the death of malls in America?, by Adam Longo.
FOX5. Tax Refund Tips: How to Make the Most of your Tax Refund, by Steve Chenevey.
Money Talks News. Science Finally Reveals the Best Method for Destroying Debt, by Karla Bowsher.
Business News Network. Want to pay off your debt faster? Here's how, by Pattie Lovett-Ride.
Forbes. Merely Requesting (Not Requiring) A Favor From Consumers To Seal The Deal, by Kurt Carlson.
Slate. How the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s exploding batteries will change the smartphone industry., by Will Oremus.
CXO Today. Can Samsung Rebuild The Trust That's Lost?, by Sohini Bagchi.
C-Net. Galaxy Note 7, RIP. Samsung, you've got to rebuild the trust, by Roger Chang.
Boston Globe. For Samsung, a moment of truth–at a cost of billions, by Hiawatha Bray.
Huffington Post. If I Ask for a Favor, Will You Buy?, by Greg Stone.
The Star. Samsung's world, post-Galaxy Note 7, by Jon Schwartz.
Advisor Perspectives. Advisor Perspectives: A New Approach to Fee Negotiations, by Dan Solin.
Harvard Business Review. Research: The Best Strategy for Paying Off Credit Card Debt, by Remi Trudel.
Psychology Today. The Power of Merely Requesting a Favor, by Simon Blanchard.
USA Today. Samsung faces rough patch post-Galaxy Note 7, by Jon Swartz. The Consumer Psychology Behind Warby Parker’s $95 Pricing for Eyeglasses.
Knowledge@Wharton. What Eyewear Startup Warby Parker Sees That Others Don't.
Yahoo News!. Is Mobli Good Mobile?, by Mike Colapietro.
Reuters. Why free photo book offers keep flowing, by Mitch Lipka.
MSN Finance. Get Freebies by Complaining, by Donna Freedman.


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